A whimsical weekly pick-me-up for people who need that kind of thing.

This is a newsletter by a cartoonist who has a lot of feelings. That cartoonist is me. My feelings are bigger than normal people’s feelings. I have to buy all my feelings-related products in the Plus-Sized section.

Sometimes I want to go on a Feelings Diet to shrink my gargantuan emotions, but it never works. I am addicted to crying in bed, and I always end up back there. The thing is, as an adult, I would like to be able to do this without beating myself up for it.

If you are like me, you might benefit from a weekly letter from a compassionate friend (me, the aforementioned cartoonist) encouraging you to keep going, because you’re doing a good enough job. This newsletter is that.

There are extra benefits for a paid membership, and I offer a quarterly IRL mailing membership for those of you who would like to receive art in the mail. But the weekly newsletter is and always will be free.

Here’s how this newsletter is formatted.

First, I’ll write you a letter. The letter will secretly be the kind of letter I might need to receive, because I spend so much of my precious time and energy beating myself up. I’ll write it to you, and if you need someone to remind you that, for the love of god, the very fact that you are surviving, that you are reading, that you are breathing, is GOOD ENOUGH, you can read this short letter and be reminded of that. The letter will always be a little bit specific, but not TOO specific. The letter will probably not apply to you if you are

  • Not human.

  • Fairly arrogant, without a lick of self-criticism.

  • Currently in space.

Otherwise, the letter will be for you.

Next, I’ll suggest one to three things for you to put on your to-do list sometime this week. This is applicable to the kind of person who HAS a to-do list. These things will be whimsical, but they should be fairly easy to achieve.

Third, I’ll drop a drawing. It will be a drawing that I have done at some point in my life on earth. This is really just to add visual interest to the newsletter.

There will be a single paragraph about the number one thing I am thinking about that week. You guys should know: as I write THIS email, I’m 27 weeks pregnant, and pregnancy is the main thing I think about. I thought about making a newsletter just about pregnancy, but let’s be real: no one wants to read that. That’s what journals are for. However, you’re probably going to get a paragraph about a pregnancy-related thing until Halloween. Then there’s a good change you’ll get a paragraph about a baby-related thing. You can skip that, you guys. It’s for me, and this newsletter is free.

Extras will be links to things I’ve been reading, writing, cooking, watching, or interested in. All the newsletters I subscribe to have this part and I LOVE IT. I hope you will love it too.